Paul Zdepski

“I’m doing work to make myself laugh.”

Paul is a cartoonist, illustrator and university professor who applies his skill and sense of humor to Editorial News, Graphic Novels and Comics. The work begins in Paul's sketchbook. “I've been carrying a sketchbook since 1975, documenting my surroundings and writing down ideas. I prefer to use a Blackwing Palomino pencil on Strathmore paper, but lately I'll draw and hand letter in my sketchbook, then the art is scanned into the computer for finalizing on my Wacom Cintiq™." Paul holds a BFA in Illustration from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, and an MFA in Illustration from the University of Hartford. He is a member of the Society of Illustrators NY and the Illustrator’s Club of DC, MD and VA. He lives in Northern Virginia with is family, surrounded by some very nice neighbors that aren't put off by the occasional roar of chainsaw carving.

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You can view  Zdepski's Editorial Cartoons weekly within the Loudoun Tribune . You can also see his large format cartoons in the pages of the  Magic Bullet , Washington D.C.'s only Comics Newspaper, brought to you by the DC Conspiracy cartoonist's collective.

Paul Zdepski is also known for his Three Dimensional work in Wood and Resin. He lectures on all aspects of his work, and is always trying something new.

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Paul creates comics in editorial, autobiographic and humorous veins. His work is widely available online, in printed publications and by commission.

Breakfast Time

Breakfast Time
Published in The Magic Bullet's issue 12, 2016
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pic 2

Sing Sing: A One Act Opera
Zillustration Press, 2010
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Travels with Eric

Travels With Eric
Commission, 2014
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All Better - Get Well Card

All Better! Get Well Card
Zillustration Press, 2010
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Raggy Ragsdale

Raggy's Retirement Rag
Published in 2013
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Uncle Burt

Uncle Burt - Illegal Immigrant
Pencil & Digital
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  • "Sing Sing - A One Act Opera" Winner of the 2011 S.P.A.C.E. Prize for Best Mini Comic
  • Editorial Cartoonist for the Loudoun Tribune
  • Featured Cartoonist at the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley in Spring 2016
  • "Breakfast Time" included in the Society of Illustrators NYC, Comics and Cartooning Annual, 2016


  • "Bull Market" - Winner of the Stathmore National Illustration Competition, 1998
  • "Vincent Van Toad" - 2nd Place winner of IC of DC MD and VA Book Category, 2004
  • Mascot Creation for FEMA's National Preparedness Month, 2013

Zdepski's foray into the field of illustration began in 1981 with his first Book and 12 inch LP cover design. Since then, he has created illustrations for small businesses, corporations, institutions and government.

Burning Dirty CD Cover

Burning Dirty CD Cover - 2016
The band wanted a Praying Mantis eating a Taco... No Problem!
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National Preparedness Month

National Preparedness Month - 2013
FEMA's "Ready Campaign" Super Hero Mascots for National Preparedness Month
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Tante Lydia Shopping

Tante Lydia Shopping
Book Concept Piece
Download PDF 569 KB

Bear and Squirrel

Bear and Squirrel
Children's Book Concept
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pic 5

Early Spring
Unpublished Commission, 2014
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Ocean City, NJ - Sand Kid - Watercolor

Ocean City, NJ - Sand Kid
Watercolor on Moleskine Watercolor Paper - 2012
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Vincent Van Toad


Carving has been part of Paul's life since boyhood and the days in his father Steve's woodshop. Steve was an accomplished woodworker, specializing in Chippendale reproductions of the Philadelphia school. Paul started thinking in three dimensions at an early age, carving his first electric guitar body while in highschool.

Fire Tiki

Fire Tiki
Four Feet of White Pine hollowed out for flicker lighting, painted and polycoated - 2014

Cigar and Tin Box guitars

Cigar and Tin Box Guitars
Hand carving, veneer inlays and electical components are used in these one of a kind instruments - 2016
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Green Man

Green Man
Carved from Catalpa by Chainsaw, grinder and handtools. Then painted and polycoated - 2015
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Zdepski's Wallcase

Wall Case
Japanese influenced Maple and Walnut construction with Red Cedar, Cypress and Purpleheart doors - 1990
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Bumpy Ride Automata

Bumpy Ride - Automata
Basswood carved motorcyclist on a 1960s Honda - hand cranked wooden mechanism - 2015

Bushy and Baldy

Bushy and Baldy
Resin sculptures with leather, seashells, bone and bamboo - 2011
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  • 3rd Place at the Shenandoah Valley International Chainsaw Challenge, 2013
  • Momento Mori for the Day of the Dead, 2013 & 2015
  • Fire Tiki Created for the Miznerfest, 2014

Instructional Videos

Stretching and Gessoing Canvas

Streching and Gessoing Canvas
Stretching your own canvas can save money while giving you the option of working at unconventional sizes... Univerisity Lecture

Project 3: Magazine Spread in Adobe Illustrator

Project 3: Magazine Spread in Adobe Illustrator
Demo on creating a magazine spread in Adobe Illustrator, while retaining the editing features found in Adobe Photoshop for the placed graphic elements. Paul Zdepski teaches GRCO100... University Lecture

Saving Art for the Web - Part 1

Saving Art For The Web - Part 1
Saving Art For The Web - 1 - Part 1 of how to photograph artwork, avoiding glare and hot-spots, straightening artwork with Photoshop... University Lecture

Toned Paper - Working From The Middle

Toned Paper - Working From The Middle
Starting a drawing on a blank sheet of white paper can be daunting. Adding a toned field of color can help you get off to a new drawing... University Lecture

Illustration Research and Thumbnailing

Illustration Research and Thumbnailing
How to conduct research and thumbnails as applied to professional illustration... University Lecture

Drawing With Dust

Drawing With Dust
How to create a shading technique similar to smudging or airbrush by using dust shavings of your usual drawing mediums; charcoal, graphite, conté or chalk... University Lecture

Other Online Project Videos

There are quite a few online video resources for various projects and lessons taught by Paul. There you can view his process and teaching style. Don't forget to subscribe to the channel for video updates.

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