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Paul Zdepski's studio space in a panoramic photograph.


Sequestered with Noelle and the Dog - 2020

A book published in reaction to the Covid-19 Lockdown and the "new normal" we all experienced. I tried to find the humor within the struggles. Copies for sale through the store.

Sequestered with Noelle and the Dog

Tiki Triangle - 2021

Author and Mixologist Justin Crisaldi's journey through the hey-day of the Post-WW2 Tiki bar craze with history, humor, and recipes for some classic TIki Drinks. Published in 2021

Tiki Triangle - Mixology Book by Justin Crisaldi

The Dead Neks - Trilogy of Blood

Psycho-Billy nuts, the Dead Neks video release and movie short "Trilogy of Blood", DVD cover and T-Shirt Design - Released in 2008

Trilogy of Blood DVD cover for the Pscycho Billie Band the Dead Neks

Sing Sing - A One Act Opera - 2011

A book about Mental Health, and the cracks some people fall through - the Winner of the 2011 Small Publisher's EXPO SPACE Prize for Best Mini-Comic

Sing Sing - Mini Comic

Professor Becker's New Pants - Children's Book Page

Part of a European publication allowing children to complete the image via drawing the other half of the image. Professor Becker is a personal friend and snazzy dresser. I thought he would fit well with this project. 

Professor Becker's New Pants

Old New Jersey - 2022

A collection of humorous stories of growing up in rural Western New Jersey during the 1960s and 70s, when farms and families were still simple, and the interstate highways weren't quite as smooth. 

Old New Jersey
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