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Paul Casting Aluminum


Buck Tovarisch in Orange

Cosmonaut Buck Tovarisch is an integral part of the sculpture "Interstellar Overdrive" with his articulating arms and legs. He his suspended by stainless steel rods over the white oak hemisphere within the artwork - Look for him in the videos posted on the welcome page!

Buck Tovarishch in Orange

Greenman Door Knocker

Grab his tongue to knock on the door! Greenman sculpted in clay, then cast in solid Brass. All metals reclaimed and sourced by the artist, smelted and cast in the studio setting. Available. 

Brass Knocker

Shrunken Head - Baldy

Formed in Super Sculpy, fired and adorned with bone, bamboo, shell, and stones. Mounted on figured maple with live-edge elements. 


Interstellar Overdrive - ShenMOCA

Caught in the wild at the Shenandoah Museum of Contemporary Art, Interstellar Overdrive sitting on a temporary base. A items carved and fixed to the white-oak hemisphere via stainless steel rods. Available for purchase of museum loan

Interstellar Overdrive

Emma Eating

Super Sculpy painted in Acrylic, Emma eats a PBJ beneath the eaves of her little house. Used as a 3D sculpture supporting the DogBabies series. Available

Emma Eating

Flame Tiki and Minion

Two chainsaw carved Tikis in White Pine and Locust. Flame Tiki is wired with a small grouping of flicker bulbs, mimicking a campfire. Minion is pigmented with a torch and umber.

Tiki Boys

Catrina Calavaras in Juniper

Individual Catrina chainsaw and hand-carved Juniper sourced from the artist's property. Various heights, but averaging in the 24"-36" range. Each finished with multiple coats of hand-rubbed oil. 

Catrina Group

Narwhal Automata

A simple up and down hand-cranked movement animates this Narwhal carving. Low Tech fun! Available

Narwhal Toy

Pickled Punks

Cast in Brass and Aluminum, Frank and Jessie are sporting hats cast by artist Kris Veimeister. These Pickled Punk heads are meant for Stick Shift Knobs on Rat-Rod and Hot-Rod applications. 

Frank and Jessie

Guitars - Cigarbox and Can

"No Smokin'" and "MoonPie" guitars in various material. Each wired for electric amplification. Both are 3-String Instruments, though "No Smokin'" may be fretted, both are meant for slide style blues. Available or ask for a Commissioned Piece. 

Celestial Guitars
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