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End vise unfinished


Wood Spirit

See the face? I can't claim to have made this, rather a naturally occurring phenomenon in the Black Walnut wood grain. 

wood spirit

Marquetry Mural - NJ State Capitol Building

Artist Hiroshi Murata was awarded this 1991 commission for a wood veneer mural (Marquetry) in the Majority Senate Meeting room in the NJ State Capitol Complex in Trenton NJ. My brother James and I were tasked with interpreting Hiroshi's drawings, cutting and fitting each piece of veneer into a total of 64 lineal by 8 vertical feet of wall. I'm the sway-back guy in the checkered shirt!  

Hiroshi Murata LSB Installation

Yates Bookcase

Heavily influenced by Japanese design, I created this bookcase for a vaulted ceiling home in Western New Jersey in the late 1990s. The doors below are sliders and create a wave pattern, while shelves above are supported with fruit tree branches from the home's old orchard. 

Yates Bookcase

Spalted Maple Table

Iron Base, Brass Butterfly Inlays - Designed and manufactured while working with Local Wood, Berryville VA.

Spalted Maple Table

Bonito Hall Table

A little place to toss your keys and wallet when coming through the door, this Parson's Table, or Hall Table is narrow, but stable with its hewn pine top and long tapered pine legs. All wood sourced locally by your's truly. Available 

Bonito Hall Table.

Brass Bow Ties in Maple

Live Edge projects often need reinforcement along splits and gaps in the wood. Here Brass is employed rather than hardwood ties. The crack is filled with Epoxy Resin and covered with a Satin Finish. 

Brass Bow Ties

Cherry Top Table

Live Edge Cherry with Walnut Base, bow ties inserted in weaker spots with a Satin Finish - Local Wood in Berryville VA

Cherry top Walnut base

Winsor Side Chair

A traditional Winsor style side chair in Poplar, Hickory, and Hard Maple. All woods felled by my father and brothers. Back is steam bent from Hickory. 

Winsor Side Chair

Live Edge Walnut Table

An earlier piece from a New Jersey Black Walnut tree felled with my father and brothers, sawn, stacked, and air-dried for 15 years before I selected it to make a low coffee table. 

Walnut Slab Table

Shoji Wall Cabinet

Made of Live Edge Walnut, Figured Maple, Cyprus, Purple Heart, and Juniper. This piece sports a French Cleat hanging system, and Japanese-style sliding doors. 

Shoji Wall Cabinet

End Vise with Coin Inlays

My personal workbench needed an end vise, which is constructed of antique beech from a 120-year old work surface, Figured Maple, and a Catalpa Face. The Japanese and Austrian Coins cover mounting hardware.

vise and coins

Bow Ties or Butterflies?

Which name do you prefer for the hardwood shapes used to hold weak regions together in fine woodworking? I've heard it both ways, and can confirm that it's the same process to put them in! 


Waterfal Bench in Black Walnut

This is a progress photo of a Waterfall joint in a Live Edge bench. This piece went on to receive an 1 and 1/2 inch thick Acrylic leg on the other end. 

Riggens. River Bench Progress

Hammer Caddy

I was binge-watching "Game of Thrones" when I designed this hammer caddy for bench top organization. I was tired of digging around for the right hammer - now I reach and select the tool for the job! Winter is Coming! 

Hammer Caddy
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