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Punch Buggy


FEMA for Kids - Herman and Paco

A few characters developed for the Federal Government to teach kids emergency safety - 2009

Herman and Paco

Travels with Eric

A commissioned piece for a respected heart surgeon's retirement gift. 2015

Travels With Eric


A story about a dad buying and restoring an old wooden canoe that changed a family's view of the world.

Canoe - Name


Growing up in a rural setting, everyone had a garden or a side hustle from the sweat of their labors. We were sustainable before it was a term. 

Gardens Page1

Summer Camp

My brother and I had a $75 scholarship to a week-long Church Camp - We raised HELL! Magic Bullet 21, 2023

Summer Camp = Brothers


Wizard Dog of the Waipi'o Valley  - Published by Fulcrum Press


The Milk Can

A collection of stories surrounded about our trips to the local farms to buy produce and dairy products.  

The Milk Can - Broomstick


Illustrations for Bram Stoker's Dracula - Web Publication only.

Dracula Chapter 3 - The Wives
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