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I was born during the Cuban Missile Crisis
I seem to work that tension into my painting.


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  • Sick In Bed Sick In Bed
    Chicken Pox are No Fun!
    Link to my blog, Zillustration Studio News
  • Cossack Burliuk's Mother Burliuk's Mom
    Illustration for a Ukraininan folk tale
  • Punch Buggy Punch Buggy
    Pounding each other black and blue over a Volkswagen
  • Twins From Siam Zim & Zam
    Twins from Siam
    Circus Poster
  • Chinatown Chinatown
    San Francisco California
    Link to my blog, Zillustration Studio News
  • Commie Spud Trapper Commie Spuds
    The Duce of Spuds - Trapper
    Playing Card Deck
    Link to my blog, Zillustration Studio News
  • The Nellie The Nellie
    My older brother launches into the record books...

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Zillustration + Chillustration Book 6/11
Zdepski's Art Overview 8/10
Frank Frazetta 8/09
Chris Spollen 8/09
Kazu Sano 4/09
Vin Di Fate 8/08
Dennis Nolan 8/08

District Comics: An Unconventional History of Washington DC (paperback) - I did the "TAPs" story written by Rebecca Goldfield, around $16 on Amazon.

My illustrations of the Hawai'ian folk story Puapualenalena is part of the "Tickster" anthology. Get your copy online for around $16 via Amazon.com: Trickster at Amazon

District Comics: At One More Page Books - I get a shout out in Washington DC's City Paper.

Huffington Post

District of Design Zdepski Interview

Washington DC City PaperMeet a Local Cartoonist - a Chat with Illustrator Paul Zdepski

The Washinton PostThe Story Behind the Work (featuring my painting and quotes)

The Parent Story:
Who Needs Words? The Pictures Say It All.

It's a RARE thing to have Illustration treated as "Art" in a Major Newspaper... I'm pleased to be part of the story.


Born during the Cuban Missile Crisis, reportedly saving Western Society with my entrance on the world scene.

Common misspellings of my name: Zpedski, Zedepski, Zderski, Zdebski, Zipepski, Sidepski, Zidepski, Zidepski, Zillepski... and my personal favorite, Apul Zaepski.

MFA in Illustration (2010)
University of Hartford
West Hartford, CT

BFA in Illustration (1999)
University of the Arts
Philadelphia PA

Assistand Professor of Drawing & Illustration at the University of Maryland University College

Have been an Instructor or guest lecturer at Montgomery Collge,
Shepherd University,
Shenandoah University,
Art Institute of Washington DC,
and Universidad del Arte Ganexa, Panama.

Reoccuring art judge with the Hispanic Youth Symposium.


Member of the Board
Illustrator's Club of Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia

Member of
Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, NY

Founding Member of
Artists' Cartel

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